Do you know someone who loves makeup and has always wanted to learn how to perfect their technique? Whether they’re a beginner or a makeup enthusiast, this lesson will be sure to cater to them regardless of their skills.

The recipient will learn how to perfect the famous smokey eye, highlight and contour that’s best suited to their face shape, or even learn that fleeky insta-brow (just to name a few) in this exciting 1 on 1 lesson!

This personal makeup lesson includes:

  • A detailed consultation on their current makeup routine and what they hope to learn during the lesson
  • A step by step demonstration where I complete half their face providing thorough guidance while they do the other
  • Complimentary false lashes, plus tips on how to easily apply them
  • A complete face chart that outlines each step (including products) used during the lesson for them to take home

The recipient is encouraged to bring their personal makeup bag + a list of techniques they would like to learn to during their lesson.

All lessons are held at Danh’s studio located in Macgregor, Canberra and are valid from Monday-Thursday (subject to availability).

This voucher is valid for 1 year from the purchase date.